Assembly Instructions for Additional Shelf Adapters for IKEA Detolf

IKEA Detolf is a popular collection storage cabinet that is perfect for displaying figurines, models, and other collectible items. To further optimize the space within the Detolf, additional shelf adapters can be used, allowing for the addition of extra storage levels. Below you will find the assembly instructions for the additional shelf adapters for IKEA Detolf.

1. Insert the adapters onto the vertical rods

Do this perpendicular to the rods as shown in the illustrations, with the silicone pad facing upward. Inserting the adapter at an angle may damage it.

⚠️ To mount the adapters from the door side, facilitate the installation by temporarily removing the doors. Follow the assembly instructions for your IKEA Detolf display case on the IKEA website, performing the steps in reverse order.

⚠️ If you ever need to disassemble the adapters, they must also be pulled out perpendicularly.

2. Screw in the screw.

Take the included 2.5mm Allen key and screw in the screw until you feel resistance.

⚠️ Remember! Do not overtighten the screw as it may damage the adapter.

⚠️ The screw should not protrude through the adapter; it should be flush with the plastic part on the other side.

4. Mount 4 adapters.

To ensure proper shelf installation, you need to have all 4 adapters. Level them in relation to each other so that the shelf evenly presses against each one.

5. Place the glass shelf on top of the adapters.

Gently place the shelf on top of the adapters that are rotated 45º inward. Check its level, and if needed, adjust the height relative to each other.

⚠️ The safe load capacity of the shelf is 1800g when the weight is evenly distributed across the entire surface of the shelf. Do not exceed this value.

⚠️ The silicone pads prevent the shelf from moving.

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