[Manual] Display Stands for Millennium Falcon

So you’ve bought a stand or are still considering the purchase? You’ve come to the right place! This guide is prepared especially for you. Step by step, I’ll show you how to properly mount the model on the stand so that it quickly finds its place on your shelf!

Millennium Falcon 75105

Get ready!

Check if you’ve received all the items in the package:

  1. Base with spaces for figurines
  2. Plate with a name or a personalized plate, which you can order here
  3. Arms that provide elevation and tilt for the model
  4. Screws for the arms, usually gently screwed into the lower mounting hole of the arm.
  5. LEGO bricks with magnetic adapters

Is something missing? Report any shortages here.

For assembly, you’ll also need a PZ screwdriver, which you can find in the toolbox in every home – the recommended size is PZ2.

Everything in order? Great, let’s move on.

1. Name Plate

Personalizing the set is an incredibly crucial element of each stand. The name plate ensures a unique appearance. The text on the plate is created using the 3D printing method, so it is raised.

Attach it to the base and push it in until you hear a click. Press it firmly into each of the 4 corners until it sits flush with no protrusions.

2. Set Up the Model’s Arms

Carefully unscrew the screw gently inserted into the lower holes of the arms. Don’t lose them – we’ll need them in the next step.

⚠️ The arm must be oriented with its thinner side facing forward, as shown in the picture, and facing each other.

3. Tighten Both Arms

Once the model’s arm is correctly positioned, you can tighten it to the base with the screw. Do this in a way that leaves no play or looseness.

4. Insert the bricks with magnetic adapters

Turn the model upside down so that you can see the bottom part of the hull. Find the appropriate place to insert the bricks.



5. Secure with Technic

The bricks with magnetic adapters have holes – secure them using LEGO Technic bricks. The locks may be on either side, two on one side or one on each side, depending on the model.

6. Disassemble the Chassis

Disassemble the model’s chassis on the side with the bricks with magnetic adapters – they will interfere with the stand assembly.

7. Insert the arms

Insert the arms all the way into the magnetic adapters, ensuring that the model does not accidentally slide out of the stand.

8. Stand it upright

This is how your refurbished Millennium Falcon will look. There’s only one step left!

⚠️ When rotating the model, do not grab it by the stand. Hold onto the entire model.

9. Arrange the figurines.

The spaces on the stand provide the opportunity to display figurines. The most crucial part is choosing your favorites, take your time ⌚️ – this process may take a moment.

That’s it! Pretty simple, right? If you have any additional questions, leave them in the comments below this post or contact us here.

Final display ❤️️

LEGO Star Wars 75257 (2019 year)
LEGO Star Wars 75105 (2015 year)

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