[Manual] Wall Mounting for Helmets Collection

Prepare yourself!

Check if you received all the elements in the package:

  1. Frame of the holder
  2. Holder with original LEGO brick
  3. Screws 3 pieces

For assembly, you also need:

  • If you plan to mount the holder on the wall – Expansion Plugs – the recommended size is 6×30, which you can buy at a local hardware store
  • Alternative: If you plan to mount the holder on a furniture panel – Wood Screws 3.5×16
  • Drill and screwdriver/drill driver

Got everything? Great, let’s move on. There are 5 steps waiting for you to transform your LEGO Helmets Collection display

1. Installation without visible screws

Drill 2 holes in the wall and mount the frame to them using expansion plugs and screws

2. Holder

Slide the holder onto the frame screwed to the wall so that the cutout of the holder is facing upwards

3. Look at the holder from below

At the bottom, there are 3 holes to secure the holder. Screw all 3 screws included in the set

4. Insert the helmet

Insert the helmet at an angle into the holder and gently press it down onto the holder – so that it snaps together with the LEGO brick mounted in the holder

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